Cooperative projects

We believe strongly that the motto “We are stronger together” is appropriate for many project plans.

Sometimes it makes sense to bundle the resources and expertise of various organizations in order to produce better, faster and needs-based results for the people in Syria. This is the reason why we work together with various cooperation partners in different areas.


For years, the Grünhelme [Green Helmets] has been an important partner organization for our Syrian projects. We share the same fundamental idea and approach: We both want to provide practical assistance to foster interreligious peace and build bridges of understanding. In 2014, for example, in cooperation with the Green Helmets, we built our first refugee school in Turkey, in a place called Demirköpru.

The Green Helmets are experts in building infrastructural facilities in crisis areas and have many years of experience in this field. The Green Helmets are volunteers who bring their strengths and skills as civil engineers and masons, carpenters and architects, mechanical engineers and electricians, logistics specialists and plumbers, and work alongside local residents on the building projects. We have contributed our local networks to this cooperation and we are responsible for the operation of the school as well as its staff and the school concepts.

In cooperation with the Green Helmets, we have been able to carry our several larger aid projects in recent years. In 2015, for example, we sent a shipment of five containers with more than 100,000 packages of baby formula to Syria and distributed it there. The distribution of the aid supplies was carried out in the heavy-hit regions in Aleppo and the outskirts of Hama. With this joint project, together we were able to reach many more families than we would have been able to reach on our own.



Together with other German-Syrian organizations, we have been involved in various projects in recent years. For example, in spring 2016 as part of an emergency aid operation spearheaded by the association of German-Syrian aid organizations, we organized food rations for Aleppo.

As well, we supported the food project of the organization SHF Syrian Humanitary Forum e.V during Ramadan in the region Ghouta/Damascus.

Furthermore, we integrate donated goods such as those from the German-Syrian Organization into our aid convoys and aid shipments to the Turkish-Syrian border.

Our projects in 2016 were supported by, among others, the organization Charity e.V., whose assistance helped us renovate our school in the Atmeh refugee camp in Syria.