In 2012, Barada Syrienhilfe e.V. was founded by Syrians living in Germany.
For more than three years, the aid organization Barada Syrienhilfe e.V. has been providing immediate and direct humanitarian assistance for the suffering Syrian population.

The humanitarian situation in Syria has declined dramatically since the start of the revolution in 2011. According to UNHCR (2014), nearly 50% of the Syrian population is displaced – with families and children representing the majority of displaced people.

This means that nearly 10 million Syrians (UN, 2014) have left their home and fled to the neighboring countries of Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq. Despite major efforts, the humanitarian situation in the bordering countries is catastrophic. Moreover, many refugees are displaced within Syria itself, fleeing from battles, bombings and hunger. Their situation is sometimes even more dramatic because the major aid organizations do not operate in the interior of Syria.

Our members – Christians and Muslims, doctors and students, engineers and business people – all volunteer to work on reducing some of the suffering of the Syrian population and giving people some hope of a better future. Thanks to a broad personal network, since our founding in 2012 we have been able to provide humanitarian and medical aid in Syria.

In doing so, Barada Syrienhilfe e.V. places particular importance on ensuring that our humanitarian aid is provided regardless of the religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the people we assist – in line with our guiding principle:


“Christians and Muslims – hand in hand for Syria”

This intercultural work reflects the multicultural Syrian society.