Our Fundamental Values

Our work is shaped by the following values:

Needs-based assistance

We direct our aid to where there is a need and where we can provide quick, reliable and lasting assistance to people. Our project portfolio is therefore very diverse, ranging from emergency food aid with basic foodstuffs, aid convoys with (winter) clothing, hygiene items and baby formula/diapers, and medical aid comprising urgently needed medication and medical equipment, to school and educational projects as well as psychological help for children and their families who are sometimes severely traumatized.


We initiate and support projects that are sustainable. Our aim is to give people a foundation for the long-term rebuilding and for their future lives. One of the most important cornerstones of our work is therefore the educational projects for Syrian refugee children living in Syria and neighboring countries.


We are stronger together. True to this fundamental principle, we cooperate in various projects with other aid organizations and local partners. By bringing together different skills, aid priorities and resources, we are able to help more people in need faster, more effectively and sustainably.


Each of our projects is managed internally by a project manager. This person is responsible for ensuring the project is realized on time and with excellent outcomes within the approved budget. The Board of Directors regularly receives reports on and monitors the projects.

Further development

We want to continuously become more effective and more efficient and therefore we are willing to learn and develop further.